Counter Strike 1 MoHar download torrent

Virus free Counter Strike 1

Counter Strike 1

Counter-Strike CSGO output

Type: action / shooter / Internet

Production: Valve Software


Changes: LAN, Internet

-New BROKE / leather carácter with CS done: GO / Counter-Strike Global Offensive

-Work on XP / Vista / 7/8

Shoes included -VNE

-LAN, Internet Romanian / International Master Server


-No games / Boots

more information

Game Note: To remove the glow effect + remove from the game “CGprograms folder” + “”

“” + “” Installation files

Added: Friend prasivadpravitsThis modified CS CS tests / plays everything works

If they were to be used, want to remember and his offspring, I will be back a few days later with another modified version of CS, including the boot / CS final boat

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